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What is the Innovation Campus?

The student experience on the Innovation Campus of Hilliard City Schools consists of strategic programming that strives to meet the needs of our fast-paced, constantly-changing society. Designed as a way to enhance the opportunities that students have within the district, the Innovation Campus serves as a centralized destination for students from the district’s three high schools and three middle schools.

Programs offered on the Campus are part of one of our five networks: College Jumpstart, Imagination, Personal Success, Global, and Young Professionals. The majority of experiences are two-period blocks, in which the students depart from their home building for just over 90 minutes for a course that may not have been an option at the home building. Centralizing programming allows the district to be creative, responsible, and efficient, all while maximizing opportunities for every student.

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Something Different That Has Impact

The Innovation Campus is comprised of two main facilities. The Innovative Learning Center was designed in 2013 when the Central Office building was renovated to meet the district’s vision for a school of the future. Brightly colored walls, unique furniture, and open collaborative spaces welcomed over 800 students in year one and the numbers have grown ever since. In 2017, The Innovative Learning Hub became the second facility as the former Station Sixth Grade building was re-designed, effectively tripling the size of the Campus. Over 2,100 unique students have been registered for courses for the 2019-2020 school year.

As the Campus expands, so are the partnerships within the community and beyond. Working with organizations such as The Ohio State University, Amazon Web Services, Cardinal Health, and Worthington Industries, has helped to connect students to the opportunities that await them after graduation. Hilliard City Schools believes that the Innovation Campus diversifies opportunities to meet students’ needs and gives the district a competitive edge in the rapidly changing school business market.

Revolutionary ideas & experiences that customize learning to meet the educational needs of our community.

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