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Happiness Equation

What is best for kids? No matter your role or your life circumstances the answer we want for ALL kids is happiness. Happiness is what is best.

But in a world where life is often complicated, we must learn to be happier. This experience allows students to unlock their own equation for daily joy and lasting fulfillment AND make it contagious as they share it with the world around them.

Students learn scientifically proven techniques to gain more happiness each day through personalized, hands-on experiences. Think practicing gratitude & meditation, gaining social support, getting outside and more. In addition, we take action with random acts of kindness and personalized community empathy projects in order to experience the impact of helping others.

By pursuing happiness, hope and resilience, we learn that small shifts in our everyday lives can make a big impact. With topics including happiness, self-esteem, empathy, friendship, love, achievement, creativity, music, and humor, together we choose to ignite, sustain and broadcast positive change.


Coaching & Leadership

Coaching & Leadership students receive real-world opportunities to access the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to fulfill leadership experiences in sports. Students embrace the opportunity to challenge themselves in authentic scenarios such as working with school age children as well as special populations.

Students will enhance their understanding of leadership concepts and techniques of athletic coaching through hands-on, project based learning. Coaching and Leadership students frequently choose their own adventure, whether it’s creating off-season workouts, breaking down film, or designing practice plans. They engage in learning leadership in a hands-on format, teaching them how to embrace productive discomfort and vulnerability. This comprehensive introduction to the coaching profession will allow students to explore the art and science inherent to coaching athletes from young to elite.


Project Discover

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.” – Criss Jami

What are the things that you love? How do you show what you know? How do you tie what you love into your learning? How do you solve problems to better your life and the lives of those you love and care about? How do you learn more about yourself through collaboration and working with others? Ultimately, how do you become the best version of you?

During Project Discover, we will tackle these questions by helping students discover more about who they are and why they do the things they do. We give students time to explore their interests and passions, while embracing a new level of freedom to learn the areas they are most interested in. We embrace growth mindset and creativity by providing hands-on activities and Design Thinking projects in order for students to embrace others’ perspectives and solve real-world problems that they care most about. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others through collaborative experiences, embracing play, and pushing their thinking to new levels in a low-stress environment.


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