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This program is designed for the student who wants to creatively explore learning through the lens of the humanities.  Advanced levels of the arts, language, and other forms of expression encompass the framework for this individualized experience. This program is for the student who wants to discover unique ways for imaginative learning.

Design IT: Interiors & Textiles

From the clothes we wear to the homes we live in, fashion and interiors surround our global world. Explore design principles linked to the fashion and interior design industries. Is fashion your passion? Dream big as to what fashion pieces you sketch and construct – dresses, dog gear, purses. In addition, students will create floor plans, which include furnishings, floors, and wall coverings in living spaces, kitchens, and baths. Let your creativity flow!


Academy Vibe

This class is truly one of a kind. A unique blend of music creation, audio production, and video production, you will be exposed to many facets of media creation. You will use industry-level equipment and software in an open, safe, and creatively stimulating classroom, to find unique ways to share your story with the world. #CatchTheVibe

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Academy Vibe I: Our flagship course for any student in high school. This double-block, the year-long class combines musical composition, as well as audio and video production skills and training. With access to professional equipment, resources, and over 40 years of professional experience to learn from; students will get an immersive education preparing them for a career in media arts. Learn the basics of writing songs and recording songs, pre-producing, producing, and finalizing videos, and marketing your art for this digital age. Now offered at multiple times to fit your busy schedule. It’s too much fun to call school! APPLY TODAY! APPLICATION

Academy Vibe II: This advanced class is for anyone who has been through Academy Vibe I. Vibe II is a double-block, year-long class allowing students to dig much deeper into the concepts, techniques, skills, technology, and projects that they were exposed to in Vibe I. With an independent study model, students get to choose their own projects for completion of the course. Some students may begin getting paid for their work and are qualifying for national-level contests with the projects they create in class. No application required, open to anyone who’s been through Academy Vibe I.









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