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This program is designed for the student who wants to creatively explore learning through the lens of the humanities.  Advanced levels of the arts, language, and other forms of expression encompass the framework for this individualized experience. This program is for the student who wants to discover unique ways for imaginative learning.


Academy Vibe

This class is truly one of a kind. A unique blend of music creation, audio production, and video production, you will be exposed to many facets of media creation. You will use industry-level equipment and software in an open, safe, and creatively stimulating classroom, to find unique ways to share your story with the world. #CatchTheVibe

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Project Vibe: This course is for students who love to be creative! Co-taught by industry professionals, Project Vibe is a chance to learn the foundations of music, TV, and video production. Housed at the Innovation Campus, students will learn the fundamentals of music composition, song creation, digital music technology, as well as the basics of recording and editing their music. In addition, students will also learn the basics of camera operation, shot composition, video editing, and live television production. Since the projects are different every time, a student may repeat the class (if taken in seventh grade). This course acts as an introduction to Academy Vibe, for high school students. This is a double-block, semester course. 

Academy Vibe I: Our flagship course for any student in high school. This double-block, the year-long class combines musical composition, as well as audio and video production skills and training. With access to professional equipment, resources, and over 40 years of professional experience to learn from; students will get an immersive education preparing them for a career in media arts. Learn the basics of writing songs and recording songs, pre-producing, producing, and finalizing videos, and marketing your art for this digital age. Now offered at multiple times to fit your busy schedule. It’s too much fun to call school! APPLY TODAY! APPLICATION

Academy Vibe II: This advanced class is for anyone who has been through Academy Vibe I. Vibe II is a double-block, year-long class allowing students to dig much deeper into the concepts, techniques, skills, technology, and projects that they were exposed to in Vibe I. With an independent study model, students get to choose their own projects for completion of the course. Some students may begin getting paid for their work and are qualifying for national-level contests with the projects they create in class. No application required, open to anyone who’s been through Academy Vibe I.

Animation and Motion Graphics

This high school course provides an outlet for original imagery and self-actualization through the use of animation, video, and motion graphics. The visual artists will conceive, animate, and execute short-form 2D and 3D motion graphic content. It will focus on fiction, non-fiction, and experimental moving picture work. This is a double block course. 

Art and Ecology

This introductory class, open to middle school students, is based on current environmental issues with a focus on how to create real world solutions through art. Emphasis will be on the theme of reducing, reusing, and recycling material to create art. Students will explore spatial relationships and the intersection of ideas and materials as a foundation to create visually balanced works of arts. The goal of the course is to educate, create advocacy opportunities and empower students to be agents of change in their own communities. This is a semester-long, 2 period block, held at the Hub on the Innovation Campus.


Business, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Technology & Art.  Middle school students will be active in experiential learning and design challenges within an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students will navigate with empathy from concept to design to consumer within a hands-on innovative learning laboratory. This course will introduce business foundations, entrepreneurism, engineering, art applications and Design Thinking through the use of modern manufacturing technologies such as a laser engraver, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, and CNC router to produce goods for commerce. This is a semester-long, 2 period block course and is located on the Innovation Campus


Next Gen Changemakers

In Next Gen Changemakers, middle school students will explore the potential risks and rewards presented by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. With an emphasis on digital wellness and ethics, students will learn how to apply data analytics, user experience (UX), and AI to affect positive change in the world. This innovative course will empower students to leverage the design thinking framework and the Minecraft game and its concepts to tackle challenges in areas like climate change and public health, among others. This is a semester-long, double-block class that is located on the Innovation Campus.






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