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The Innovation Campus offers a variety of learning opportunities for students


Revolutionary ideas & experiences customized to meet the needs of our students

Ready for Tomorrow //

Hilliard is preparing the next generation of American citizens to prosper and thrive in a world that will demand different skills and competencies


Students are prepared to choose a career that aligns with their passions, strengths, and interests, through first-hand, on-site experiences


Earn college and high school credits at the same time


Opportunities for students to take quality courses taught through a collaborative learning environment


Academic enrichment and intervention in a structured environment


Socratic Seminars Prepare Students for Writing

Students taking College Composition in the College Jumpstart program prepare to write about ethical dilemmas by participating in challenging conversations.  The focus of this unit is to learn how to build an argument on a current ethical dilemma that incorporates...

The Science of Happiness

Last week students in Happiness Equation focused on the misconceptions of happiness as well as the science behind why we often get “happiness” wrong.  They applied Design Thinking and created some “rapid prototypes” to demonstrate learning.  Teacher, Tom Rhoden, says...

Be2ta Students Help Tharp Celebrate 20 Years!

Be2ta students and their teachers, Ms.Kulick Brown and Mr. Konkus, are busy building a foundation for future projects by studying Elements & Principles of Design and creating prototypes.  They finished their unit with their own "Crammy" awards that were printed on...
students giving feedback on other's presentations

Protecting Earth’s Water

Fresh water is essential to all life.  Access to clean and abundant water is major issue for our century.  Students in Core Infusion  identified problems related to water and designed solutions.  During a showcase event, designers shared prototypes of their solutions...
student playing a game

Designing an Arcade

Students in Mr. Loudenslager's Discover U course applied their design thinking skills to create arcade games from cardboard and other recycled materials.  Inspired by the popular Youtube video, Caine's Arcade, students shared their games with visitors complete with...



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