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Core Infusion


Core Infusion 7

Core Infusion 7 is especially designed for seventh graders who are looking for the opportunity to explore real world applications in science and language arts, as well as developing and applying their passions through the process of what they learn.

A student that takes Core Infusion will receive their seventh grade science and language arts credits, as well as an elective credit through a course called “Design Thinking.” This is a three credit program where all three of the above courses are integrated within our classrooms, with “Design Thinking” as a focus. Design Thinking is the process of taking a real world science problem, and through the process of empathy, students develop a solution to either solve or change the problem. The goal is for students to take their passions and apply them to real world problems in order to develop a solution.

Our focus of Core Infusion 7 is not only to discover the process or purpose behind what students learn, but to create an environment where students feel inspired and challenged each day. We also try to instill a growth mindset through different team building activities throughout the week that connect back to our weekly mindset goal.

Instructor: Jason Loudenslager



Honors Core Infusion

Core Infusion is a multidisciplinary approach that infuses the content areas of Language Arts and Science through project-based learning with an emphasis on Design Thinking. This course uses standards-referenced instruction, assessment, and a grading system that encourages a high level of academic competence paired with a growth mindset. Mindset themes are threaded throughout the course to instill the essential skills in order to be successful in the innovation era.

An example unit in the course combines mastery skills from the content areas intertwined with growth mindset instruction and opportunities. This year as part of our Sustainability theme, our students explored the complex relationship of human consumption, systems of the Earth and other planets, and future space exploration. Students learned about the fundamentals of the atmosphere and the role it plays in our existence through various activities including: co-creating an interactive mural of the Earth’s atmosphere, participating in literature circles using dystopian novels with sustainability themes, researching current space exploration initiatives, analyzing excerpts from The Martian to determine the viability of sustaining life on Mars and the needed mindset for this to be a future reality. For our culminating project, students created prototypes using the design thinking framework to enable humans to inhabit Mars.

The ultimate goal of the Core Infusion program is to create lifelong learners that understand the importance of critical thinking, challenge, perseverance, and self-reflection.







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