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If you find an email link that does not work properly please notify as soon as possible.  The message center may be accessed from outside the District’s phone system by dialing 614-921-5555. After reaching the message center follow the prompts to reach the staff members voice mailbox.

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Agriesti Jon Social Studies
Anderson Matt Assistant Principal
Apel Thad Wellness/Trainer


Barber Betsy Science
Basinger Courtney Athletic Trainer
Beatty Jennifer English
Bell Eric Business
Bell Evan Business
Bell Monica Main Office Secretary
Biddinger Judy Intervention Assistant
Biller Rebecca Math
Boza Beth Art
Buoni Chris Custodian


Camp Kris Social Studies
Canty Sabine Diversity
Caudill Jim Social Studies
Chase Chris Custodian
Chumita Tyler Math
Chute Richard Math/Science
Clancy Lizzy Intervention Specialist
Crawford Jenna Intervention Specialist/SLSP
Crawford Nick Social Studies
Curtiss-Kast Amy Spanish


Danko Maura Math
DelaCruz Connie Science
Dellapina Tim Personal Success Network
Dickmann Brian Science
Dietrich Scott Engineering
Dietrich Stephanie French


Ebenezer Amy Science


Fair Laurie Media Center Assistant
Federer Leslye Educational Assistant
Ferreri Carrie English
Fetters Tom Truancy Officer
Figel Jonathan Guidance (E-K)
Fischer Norb Guidance (A-D)
Fowler Jackie Math
Fugitt Chris Wellness


Geers Nathan Wellness
Geiser Amber EL Tutor
Golden Erica English
Gordon Nancy Intervention Assistant
Graham JB Custodian
Grieble Stephanie ELL
Griffith Michelle Intervention Specialist/SLSP


Haight Yvonne Supp. Services Teacher
Hall Lauren Assistant Principal
Helmlinger Andrew Math
Henkel Nikki Media Center Specialist
Henwood Kelli School Psychologist
Hickson Lauren Social Worker (A-K)
Holland Ellen Nurse
Hooper Kristina Science
Hume Jody Intervention Assistant


Ioia Thomas Custodian


James Nick Band
Jones Jeremy Grounds
Jones Rich Technology


Kanagasabapathy Sivashree Intervention Assistant
Kane Cathy Guidance Secretary
Kelly Jennifer Intervention Assistant
Ketcham Hollie Attendance Secretary
Kinney Genny Intervention Assistant
Kisner Andrew Math
Kisner Kim Intervention Specialist
Kozman Jeremy Band
Kruder Allison Spanish


Large Cindy School Counselor (L-Q)
Lewis Hannah English
Limbacher Peggy Intervention Specialist
Lohmann Craig English
Ludban Chris Athletic Director


Madigan Crystal Math
Martin Elizabeth Intervention Assistant
Martin Laura Speech Pathologist
Martin Mike Choir
Maul Chris Business
McClaskie Kaylee Health
McDaniels Laura Science
McDuffie Daniel Social Studies
Meach Theresa Custodian
Messick Amy Social Studies
Middleton Matt Principal
Miller Brett Math
Miller Jennifer Athletic Secretary
Mitchell Steven Custodian
Mohamed Sahar Aide
Monseur-Durr Janet Diversity Coordinator
Montgomery Tiffany Secretary
Morris Shawn Science
Myers Neal ELL


Newman Allison English
Nickel Scott Social Studies


Obrist April Intervention Specialist
Olsheski Adam Assistant Principal
Olsheski Rachel Physical Therapist
Ozbolt Andrew Math


Papp Shawn Social Studies
Payne Ericka Intervention Specialist
Penzone Josh English
Philipp Hannah Math
Poe Corey Work Study
Pollom Jon Custodian
Pullin Gina 504 Coach


Quaranta Rosalyn ELL

Rambin Jennifer Related Services PT
Rasmussen Connie Work Study Assistant
Ratliff Max Intervention Assistant
Rausch Brooke Family Consumer Science
Reed Griffin Intervention Specialist
Reed Mallory English
Reichle Kyle Science
Ribble Brenda Administrative Secretary
Rickert David English
Riegel John Orchestra
Riley Justin Game Design/Comp
Roddy Terrance Intervention Assistant
Rogers Glenn School Resource Officer
Ryan Blake Science
Ryan Bridget Science


Sanderson Jeff Educational Assistant
Santagata John Senior Capstone
Shoaf Elissa Intervention Specialist
Shoemaker Richard English
Sidders Alyssa Custodian
Sims Katie Math
Skaff Morgan Social Worker (L-Z)
Smith Jay Asst. Athletic Director
Stauffer Stephanie Spanish
Stead Maria Tech Teacher
Stephens Joshua Special Ed Coordinator
Sterman Hannah Choir
Stewart Kristi English
Sweder Nikki Intervention Tutor


Tai Kuei-Fang Chinese
Trubiano Clay Social Studies


Veri Darice Art
Volzer Scott Art


Wagner Krista Occupational Therapist
Watts Steven Social Studies
Way Dena English
Weer Michael Social Studies
White Marjorie Computer Science
Whitehouse Chelsea Intervention Specialist
Wilcox Anne Spanish
Wimbley Robert Grounds
Wolfe Julie School Counselor (R-Z)
Woodford Tom College Counselor
Wright Melissa American Sign Language


Zody Stan Math

Hilliard Darby High School Mascot

(614) 921-7300
(614) 921-7301
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