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Do you have questions about the Career Mentorship program?

Mrs. Bonnie Holycross
Career Mentorship



Career Mentorship is not only a class to me but it is more of a life experience that I will be able to carry with me and use in the future. . . I am so happy I decided to apply!”
Career Mentorship helps us not only know the career field we want to go into but HELPS US START GETTING INTOE THE HABITS THAT RESPONSIBLE ADULTS POSSESS.
Before this class, I ‘knew’ I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up but I wasn’t focused on the necessary steps that would help me to reach that goal.

Are You Ready For The Journey?

Congratulations! By making the decision to be a part of the Hilliard City School District Career Mentorship Program, you are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to open the doors to a successful future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the program coordinators or ask your high school guidance counselor.

Criteria for Student Selection: 

  • Student will be a junior or senior in high school

  • Excellent attendance

  • Maintains a 2.5 G.P.A.

  • Exhibits positive leadership skills

  • Has own transportation

  • No discipline concerns


Steps For Career Mentorship Program Acceptance:

1.) Register for the course: Sign up for Career Mentorship 1 on your course
registration form.

2.) Complete this Information Form

3.) Students will be contacted by the Program Coordinator and meeting scheduled to
provide further information.

4.) Students will be notified of acceptance in the program via email and information and resources will be shared on how to find a placement. The Coordinator will be available to help students find placements, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the student to secure a placement.



How Are Students Evaluated?   

Time Logs:
Students submit a signed time log each week that documents the hours spent on site.

Blog Posts:
Students submit one blog post per week to reflect on their growth and learning throughout the semester.

All students complete a website to be used for marketing their skills and experience to future colleges and employers.

Final Exit Interview:
Students complete an exit interview with an individual who is in the career field in which the student mentored.
– Evaluated on: Initial email, cover letter and final résumé/website/interview
– Students will be able to demonstrate the appropriate steps in obtaining future internships and jobs

Mentor Evaluation of Student:
A basic evaluation is conducted after the first 5 weeks of student mentoring, and a final evaluation is completed by the mentor at the end of the student’s mentoring experience. Areas evaluated include: Professional and Career Development Skills, Eagerness to Learn, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Time Management and Intiative

Letter of Recommendation from Mentor:
Each student has a goal to receive a positive letter of recommendation from their mentor to be used for future internships or college programs.




Learn About Being A Mentor

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