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Mrs. Bonnie Holycross
Career Mentorship

Mr. Tom Rhoden
Career Mentorship



Career Mentorship is not only a class to me but it is more of life experience that I will be able to carry with me and use in the future. . . I am so happy I decided to apply!”
Career Mentorship helps us not only know the career field we want to go into, but also helps us start obtaining the habits that responsible adults possess.
Before this class, I ‘knew’ I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up but I wasn’t focused on the necessary steps that would help me to reach that goal.

The Opportunity To Make A Difference

With the Career Mentorship Program, we can give young people the opportunity to prepare for success using hands-on experience with professionals like yourself.

You are invited to become a partner by teaching, guiding, and leading a student as his/her mentor. In doing so, you will learn what it truly means to make a difference.

What Is A Mentor?

We understand that as a professional, you have many responsibilities. It may seem daunting to also add a teacher to that list, but you are sure to find the experience rewarding. As a mentor, your job is to help the student learn and grow.

As you assist students in solving problems, performing professionally, and thinking critically, you will find that it often comes naturally. This is meant to be a motivating relationship that is beneficial for both you and the student. It is an opportunity for you to give advice and share what you have learned through your own experiences.

A successful mentor listens and makes themselves open and approachable. You will find that serving as a mentor will allow you to become a trusted guide and positive role model.

What Is The Time Commitment?

Students arrange to mentor on the career site 4 – 6 hours per week for a total of 50 hours.  It is ideal to schedule 6 hours each to allow for an unexpected absence.

Students are dismissed early from school Tuesdays through Fridays to provide flexibility in their schedule.

Mentoring hours are flexible each week depending on the mentor site and student schedule. It is recommended that students have a consistent schedule each week if possible, but it is understood that a set schedule is not conducive to all situations.

Does A Student Get Paid For This Experience?

No! This is a non-paid learning opportunity and students are not permitted to be paid while enrolled in the course.  However, many students do get offered paid positions upon completing the semester course.

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