WMS School Counselor Mission Statement

We are committed to advocate for the students of Weaver Middle School and provide services in the areas of Communication, Intervention, and Prevention to the students, parents, and staff of our school in accordance with the general Weaver mission statement and school beliefs.

Class of 2029 – Current 7th Graders

Your guidance counselor is Mrs. Laurie Abele.
Email her at
Call her at 614-921-7711

Class of 2028 – Current 8th Graders

Your guidance counselor is Mrs. Lori Porter.
Email her at
Call her at 614-921-7711

Scheduling and Registration

Please visit our Scheduling and Registration page.

Confidentiality Statement

As professional school guidance counselors, we will respect the rights of confidentiality of personal information disclosed during the course of conversation between ourselves and students except in the following cases: If the student presents danger to him or herself, if the student presents danger to others, if the student has been abused by others, if the student needs hospitalization or if required to do so by court order. We are bound by Federal and State law to break confidentiality in the above so mentioned situations and will do so to protect our students and to remain legally and ethically true to our profession.

This information is required by the Counselor and Social Worker Board, which regulates the practices of professional counseling and social work in this state.
77 S High Street, 16th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0340

Fee Schedule

Guidance counseling is a service provided by the Hilliard City School District for its residents, both students and parents of students, free of charge.

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