Grading Policy



Students will receive a monthly participation grade of 40 points and will earn the points according to the class expectations.


Musicianship (singing quizzes and rhythm worksheets)

Students will be required to periodically perform singing quizzes and do written worksheets to evaluate musical progress and understanding of knowledge.  Singing quizzes will be announced for students to practice and prepare.



*Due to Covid-19, there is a real possibility that we students may be in a hybrid learning model.  On the days that they are not in choir, there will be an expectation to sing at home with recordings to prepare for the next in person lesson.  There may occasionally be out of school written assignments or research that will be assigned.   Station homework policies apply.



As an important part of the choir experience, we do have a few out-of-school concerts.  Performances are mandatory and worth 100 points of the grade.