Performance Attendance Policy


As an important part of the choir experience, we do have a few out-of-school concerts.  Performances are mandatory and worth 100 points of the grade.   Unexpected emergencies will be dealt with on a personal basis, and the director must be contacted in writing beforehand, if possible.

*Due to Covid-19, we will be holding concerts in a social distancing and possibly outdoor environment.  We will take each concert on a case by case basis.  We hope to perform the fall concert in the outdoor stadium behind Station.

“Making-up” a Concert:

If a student is absent from a concert, and the absence is excused, the student will be given an opportunity to “make-up” the concert.   A concert “make-up” will consist of the student attending another concert or similar event within the 12 weeks grading period and typing a one page, 12 point font, double spaced response to the concert and attaching a concert program or other evidence of attendance.  The completed concert make-up is due before the 12 weeks grading period of the missed concert ends.