Choir Handbook

Dear Student,

                Welcome to the 6th Grade Station Choir.  I am very excited to begin the school year with you.  My hope is that we can work together to make the choir program at Station the best it can be! 

                As a Station Choir member, you serve as a musical ambassador for our school.  Your appearance and conduct at concerts and everywhere you perform determines how people perceive Station students.  With that responsibility in mind, it is important that you always present yourself with pride and class.  Be sure to always conduct yourself in a mature, responsible manner.

                I am confident that this will be a great school year!  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.  I will do my best to return all e-mail and phone messages in a timely manner.  Let’s have a great year making music together!


Joy! Grubbs Choir Director