Station Choir Council and Choir Photographers

Station Choir Council and Choir Photographers

I will need 2 Choir council members and 1 photographer per choir class.  Please see job descriptions below.

If you plan to run for choir council, you must give a presentation for the choir.  You must have something prepared in writing at the beginning of the period on presentation day.

Choir Council Presentation Date: Wednesday, September 9th or Thursday, September 10th, 2020 if we are in a hybrid situation.  If we are on line, Wednesday, September 9th.

Choir Council Members will:

  • Assist the director with classroom tasks – taking attendance, etc.
  • Greet visitors
  • Help with set up/tear down of rehearsals and concerts
  • Assist new choir students
  • Help distribute and organize music
  • Help pass back papers
  • Help the director plan fun choir events
  • Introduce songs at choir concerts
  • Help to prepare concert bulletins

Use the ideas listed below as a guide to organizing your presentation.  It does not matter what method you use to create and present your “campaign” for choir council.  You may choose to give a speech written on note cards or notebook paper, show a Google Docs presentation, make a video, make a poster or brochure.  These are just a few suggestions.  Feel free to use your creativity!

I am running for Choir Council because:

My qualifications for the position are:

I will be a good council member because:

My goals for our choir are (using the duties listed above):

Other important information you need to know about me:

Choir Photographers will:

  • Attend all choir sponsored events.
  • Take pictures on phone or ipad of choir members participating in choir fun and formal activities.
  • Submit pictures to Mrs. Grubbs in a timely manner to share or archive.
  • Choir photographers do not need to present a formal presentation but simply express your desire by emailing Mrs. Grubbs.  A selection for each choir class period will be made at the discretion of the director.