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Academy EDU


Academy EDU allows high school students to discover more information about the teaching profession. Students will have the opportunity to observe 100+ hours in elementary, middle school and special education classrooms while they participate in lesson planning, one-to-one tutoring opportunities, field trips, and school/community service projects. All students participate in Educators Rising (a Career Tech Student Organization) in which they develop their personal success and leadership skills and are encouraged to compete at both the state and potentially, national level. Academy EDU students are guaranteed a job interview with Hilliard City Schools upon the successful completion of an accredited teaching preparation program. Join Academy EDU to see how you can change the future of education.

Are you ready to tutor younger students, visit a variety of types of schools, teach lessons, have meaningful and professional relationships with a mentor and explore teaching as a career choice? Are you planning to major in education in college? Academy EDU is the course for you! Designed as an introduction to the teaching field, students get an in-depth view of the teaching profession and hands-on experience working with children. Students will identify skills required for teaching, and understand the personal characteristics needed to succeed in the profession. The curriculum includes lesson planning, classroom management, license requirement, history of education, meeting the needs of exceptional learners, and developing teacher professionalism.

During class seminars, topics learned will include: theories of child development, multiple intelligences, and learning styles and explore topics such as diversity, character education, instructional technology, learning environments, instructional strategies, and professionalism. Students will explore the teaching profession through a variety of experiences, which may include: field experience, lesson planning, one-to-one tutoring, and project development. Students observe in 4 specific areas including preschool-3rd, 4th-6th, 9th-12th and special needs for a total of 70 + hours of observation Students will create a portfolio, which will include teaching samples as a final project. Upon successful completion students will receive 3 high school credits as well as placement above the entry-level education college course/credit if they score an 85 or higher on their Teaching Professions portfolio. This credit is approved by OBR as CTAG credit at any Ohio Public University.

Instructor: Ann Bowen
Network: Young Professionals







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