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The Innovation Campus will provide the students and parents of Hilliard City Schools school counseling and support.

Tom Woodford
District College Counselor

Trevor Maggied
Innovation Campus Counselor

Madison Buty
Innovation Campus Social Worker

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Important Terms!

Early Decision – Binding for both the student and the school. Only 18% of colleges have this option.
You can only choose one school.

Early Action – Binding on the school and not on the student.

Restricted Early Action – Non-binding opportunity that elite universities use. It can only apply to one private college REA and only with 12 colleges.

Regular Admission – Final deadline for admission to a university.

Super-score – Taking the best sub-test from ACT or SAT to create a new composite.

Common App – An application that is good at 700+ universities across the country and 32 in Ohio.

Member Page – Additional information for admission, this is school-specific.  It will go “live” on August 1st.

College Application Process!

What we need in the Guidance office:

  1. Transcript Request/Authorization form
  2. Profile updated in SchoolLinks. When students begin filling out the Common App, students must use a valid email account.  Students will then need to “match” their Common App account to their SchoolLinks account.  When this is complete, the Common App will pull a lot of student information from SchoolLinks.

Through SchoolLinks, students will request letters of recommendation for their applications.  Mr. Woodford will offer Common App camps for students to begin their applications and he will assist “matching” their Naviance account to the Common App.

Sending ACT/SAT scores – Scores must be sent from the testing agency to the college. When signing up to take the tests, request which colleges you want to receive your scores. It is free at the time of testing. A fee is charged if requested later.


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