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Mark Tremayne


Mark’s focus is to provide hands-on, minds-on, authentic learning experiences for all students. Mark is a catalyst for new learning initiatives and an active strategist in student engagement through learner autonomy and ownership. He seeks to empower students and staff by unleashing curiosity and cultivating interests into passions.

Craig Vroom

Innovation Campus, Principal

Building a strong community of learners through the power of relationships, Craig embraces the notion that it is those very relationships that will drive the successes we experience. Build trust, fail forward and empower every educator that serves the Campus for the sake of the student experience is essential. It is those very relationships that define us and become a part of our story.

Stacy Carter

Innovation Campus, Assistant Principal

Stacy strives to help all students grow and reach their full potential. She is excited about working with staff and students to create authentic opportunities that will cultivate an environment where people love to learn. Stacy believes creativity and collaboration are the cornerstones of education and works to model those daily.

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Drew Aaron, LEAD

Jennifer Allen, LEAD

Pam Antos, CJS

Amy Baker, Core Infusion / Discover

Alex Beekman, LEAD

Ann Bowen, EDU

Matt Byerly, Core Infusion 8

Sabine Canty, Diversity

Sherry George, ISS / PSN Coach

Dan Gerdeman, Motion Graphics and Animation 

Kaity Gouldin, EL / SS / OA

Merry Guerrera, CJS

Eric Gulley, EL

Lauren Hickson, Social Worker

Jessica Hogan, EL

Amy Holden, Core Infusion

Bianca Ianzito, Core Infusion

Lauren Killoran, Business Academy

Nate King, PSN

Geoff Konkus, BETA

Valerie Kulick-Brown, BETA

Eric Lane, Ed Tech Coach / OA

Jason Loudenslager, Core Infusion

Trevor Maggied, Guidance

Taush McGhee, Core Infusion / Science

Janet Monseur-Durr, Diversity Coordinator

Phil Nagy, VIBE

Tom Rhoden, Happiness Equation

Amanda Schaeffer, Art & Ecology

Cynthia Shaw, HPA

Mary Beth Smrecansky, LEAD

Brittany Spring, Core Infusion

Susan Steiner, German

Trevor Torrence, VIBE

Natalie Trubiano, Core Infusion / ELA

Brian  White, PSN / CBI Coach

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