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The quality of musical ensembles in Hilliard City Schools is reflected by the quality of its members.  Every student musician plays a vital role in the success of the program. We want to congratulate EVERY Hilliard band student on their hard work and encourage parents to make a small investment in your band student’s future. Just as a successful athletic team needs the best athlete at every position, our bands need strong musicians seated in every chair!

It is important that students strive for excellence in all their endeavors. As students play their instruments better, they seem to gain more from the musical experience. The feeling of accomplishment through musical performance directly increases their sense of self-worth. It is always amazing to see how this improvement is reflected in better attitudes, better grades, and a brighter outlook on life.

Our regular in-school practices allow the musicians to assemble and work together to prepare music of artistic and entertainment value. The culmination of their hard work is presented to parents at our concerts. Though we work hard to address every student’s individual musical needs in school, there is no substitute for weekly sessions of individualized, specialized instrument band in instrument specialist—Private Lessons. Private lesson instructors serve as an ideal model and mentor to assist in your band student’s improvement in the areas of tone, technique, and general musicianship. The helpful hints or minor adjustments suggested by the instructor can greatly improve your band student’s playing ability.

Private instrument lessons are a small investment that helps insure your band student’s success. Times are arranged and prices vary (usually from $20-30 per lesson). Below you will find a list of local private lesson instructors. Contact your band director if you need further assistance with this process. If you contact a person listed below who is no longer teaching lessons in our area, please let your band director know.

Private Lesson Teacher List

*Check out Music and Arts (876-9004) in Hilliard for some wonderful private lesson teachers. They take pride in staffing highly qualified instrumental instructors.  See below for several additional teachers – many of whom teach out of their home.


  • Tara Crawford: 614-246-1216; taranovycrawford@yahoo.com
  • Stacie Hall: 614-668-3973; hall9277@yahoo.com
  • Mary Malone: 614-323-9609; hilliardfluteteacher@gmail.com
  • Luke Shultz: 419-704-6429; lshultz543@gmail.com


  • Karen Pfeifer, ONU Professor: 614-314-0709; oboekaren@gmail.com
  • Steve Rosenberg, Denison: 614-403-1526; rosenbergs@denison.edu
  • Rachel Fox: 614-208-5608; rfox3@capital.edu
  • Jade Robertson: 614-596-0374; jaderobertson512@gmail.com
  • Lauren Kowal: 248-229-6806; Lauren.n.kowal.oboe@gmail.com; Lauren-kowal-oboe.weebly.com
  • Michael Rueda:  513-763-0745; michaelruedaoboe@gmail.com

*Oboe Reed Makers:

  • Kevin Qian:  kevinqian@manhattanreeds.com; 614-905-2730; www.manhattanreeds.com
  • Lauren Kowal: 248-229-6806; Lauren.n.kowal.oboe@gmail.com; Lauren-kowal-oboe.weebly.com


  • Jesse Schartz, Ohio Wesleyn Professor: 614-282-2556; jschartz@me.com


  • Amanda Chowning: MM 614-717-8505; amandajoos@yahoo.com
  • Antoine Clark, DMA: 614-446-4884; trioarioso@hotmail.com
  • Cody Grabbe, DMA: 317-652-6944; cody.grabbe@gmail.com


  • Antoine Clark, DMA: 614-446-4884; trioarioso@hotmail.com
  • Karen Gardener, DMA: 614-541-9220; ksrgardener@gmail.com
  • Kevin O’Neill: 614-406-2318; gkevinoneill2@gmail.com
  • Cody Grabbe, DMA: 317-652-6944; cody.grabbe@gmail.com
  • Jake Smith: jakesmithmusic@outlook.com


  • Dave Mazon: 614-517-2161; dmazontrumpet@gmail.com
  • Nicole Piunno, DMA: 614-282-3494; ntpiunno@gmail.com
  • Sarah Grosse: 614-214-7112; scgtpt@aol.com
  • Alex Sanso: 845-492-7323; sanso.2@osu.edu
  • Mark Fox: 614-271-5608; markwfox@columbus.rr.com


  • Brian Mangrum: (high school students only) 832-980-0250; mangrumbrian@gmail.com;
  • Mark Fox: 614-271-5608; markwfox@columbus.rr.com
  • Ian Hewetson: 740-243-5292; ianphewetson@gmail.com

Trombone/Baritone/Tuba: We have listed these individuals as being low brass teachers as they are all qualified and recommended to teach each of the above instrument.  However, for your knowledge we have included the individual’s primary instrument as well.

  • Daniel Honecker (Tuba): dnlhonaker@gmail.com
  • Tony Weikel (Trombone), Capital University: 412-901-2592; alweikel3@gmail.com
  • Craig Hamm (Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba):  614-595-0579; craig@chamm.net; music.chamm.net


  • Antoine Fatout: 330-503-0116; antoine.fatout@gmail.com
  • Ryan Folger: 440-759-2470; ryan.m.folger@gmail.com
  • Clay Schneider: 614-500-1661; cschnei2012@gmail.com


  •  We currently do not have anyone for guitar. Check Music and Arts 614-876-9004


  • We currently do not have anyone for typical style piano lessons. Check Music and Arts 614-876-9004






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