Memorial Golf

Head Coach: Jeff Pontius

Tryouts have been changed!  Please meet at Thornapple CC on Wednesday August 5th. Arrive by 9 am as our first time is 9:15.
Remember that you must have a current physical to participate.
Please bring $13.75 to cover the cost of golf for the day. It is required that you wear a collared shirt and a pair of Khaki shorts to all tryouts, practices, and matches.  Please contact with any questions.
August 5, Tryouts at Thornapple CC, 9:00
August 6, Memorial vs. Delaware Dempsey, HOME, Wilson Rd GC, 11:15 am
August 10, Memorial vs. Bexley, AWAY, Blacklick GC, 10:00 am
August 11, Memorial vs. Marysville Bunsold, HOME, Wilson Rd GC, 9:00 am
August 13, Memorial vs. Heritage, HOME, Raymond Memorial GC, time TBA
August 17, Memorial vs. Marysville Bunsold, AWAY, Blue’s Creek GC, 4:00 pm
August 18, Memorial vs. Dublin Sells, AWAY Rolling Meadows, 4:00 pm
August 19, Memorial vs. Fairbanks, HOME, Wilson Rd. GC, 4:00 pm
August 27, Memorial vs. Dublin Sells, HOME, Wilson Rd. GC, 4:00 pm
September 2, Memorial vs. Fairbanks, AWAY, Marysville GC, 4:00 pm
September 3, Memorial vs. Heritage, AWAY, Raymond Memorial GC, 4:00 pm
September 9, Memorial vs Dublin Davis, HOME, Wilson Rd GC, 4:00 pm
September 14, Memorial vs. Delaware Dempsey, AWAY, Oakhaven GC, 4:30 pm
September 16, Memorial vs. TBA, HOME, Wilson Rd. GC, 4:00 pm