Coach Beyond Sports Program

Coach Beyond Sports Program

Around 500 student-athletes at Darby High School participated in the district’s first program explicitly geared toward our athletes.  Our district has partnered with The Ohio State University Life Sports Program to work with our athletes on building wellness skills such as better time management, taking care of themselves, and helping build their teams’ overall wellness.


The first guest speaker was Brian Peters, a former high school, college, and professional football player.  He talked to the players about dealing with the pressure of maintaining a positive public image while playing sports; he gave tips on how to be successful on and off the playing field and how to build your wellness routine.


The program began at Darby but will be rolled out to all three high schools this year.  All student-athletes are highly encouraged to attend the after-school sessions.  The coaching staff for all sports is also involved in this training.   The Hilliard School District has an unparalleled commitment to the wellness of all our students. Incorporating these programs into athletics is one more way to reach our students.

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