From Students, Parents, and Staff.

A Quality Education

Online Academy has been a wonderful experience and blessing through the pandemic. My 3rd grade son is finally on grade level and receiving a quality education in the safety of our home. The small groups, apps and teacher support….has made a tremendous difference! -OA Parent

Flexibility to Work

My high school daughter has been able to excel in [a local equine] program by taking her classes online with flexibility to work. It has been a blessing to have the ability to work a schedule that would not have been easy in a traditional setting. -OA Parent

Teachers Have Gone Above and Beyond

As a parent and an educator, I need to give an amazing shout out to the OA this year! I can give countless examples of how the teachers have gone above and beyond for my daughter!  I can not thank you all enough for the patience and encouragement you give her in a different way this year.  I have to be so very THANKFUL for each of you and what you brought to her life this year.  Even when things are difficult or challenging, you handle them with grace, kindness, and a team approach.  It doesn’t go unnoticed!
-OA Parent 

Teachers Have Been Nothing But Excellent

My son has thrived in remote learning. If you figure out a nice system that works for your child and their learning needs each day, then you are golden. I really utilized my parent Canvas portal to monitor my son’s completion of assignments, grades, etc. He has not fallen behind at all this school year on his coursework by having a strong home support system that provides him daily accountability. I have actually seen an improvement in his grades from home learning versus in person learning. It starts with the parent motivating the child and setting up a strong daily routine for the child to hold them accountable for their work each and every day. The teachers have been nothing but excellent in supporting us when we have questions or need guidance.   -OA Parent

Teachers Displayed Resilience and Enthusiasm

I have to say our OA experience has been wonderful, especially for my 7th grader. She lives with general anxiety disorder and has an IEP for executive function issues.  From day one, her teachers provided flexibility and encouragement to her. Any problem or concern we encountered was remedied quickly and successfully. Our daughter’s grades have never been so high. She can adjust her learning to her pace and look back and review items she may not have understood or recalled. Having the directions written step by step has been so helpful to her and to me in those cases where she did need assistance. Throughout the year several teachers reached out to ensure things were going well and to update me on her progress and constantly communicated with her as well. She said she wished she could have these teachers forever. I do too. They have all been wonderful, despite the challenges the year has brought, they have displayed resilience and enthusiasm for their work and that has been a wonderful model for my daughter to have. I have prayed for my daughter to have teachers as helpful as they have been. -OA Parent

Teachers are Amazing

I would like to take time and just tell parents that they are going to be highly impressed with the Online Academy. The teachers 1st off are amazing and very good with helping students as they need it to learn. They are always trying to improve with online learning and they have gotten better and better over the 1st semester. For me I feel Online Academy is a very good way to do schoolwork at home because I’ve been doing a lot better from A’s and B’s to straight A’s.   -OA Student

Quick to Act and Make Adjustments

Our daughter does have an IEP and when concerns came up, her interventionist, teachers and principal were quick to act and make adjustments to better fit the instruction she was receiving and to meet her IEP goals. -OA Parent

Curriculum is Exceptional

After 21 years of working in a preschool I wasn’t sure what online kindergarten would look like. The quality of curriculum offered by the Online Academy has been exceptional. This year has been a positive experience. Our teacher has made learning lots of fun. Several times we have gone back to books or songs that are included in the recorded lessons. These can be viewed again when we really enjoyed the lesson or just to refresh a concept that was presented. It is so nice to be able to view the content multiple times. In many ways her online class is much like a traditional in-person classroom – only better! -OA Parent

Focus without Distractions

Overall, we are happy to say that our daughter has excelled as a student in the OA. She enjoys working at her own pace, by spending more time on subjects that may not come as easily as others. She is able to focus without distractions or with the time limits she would normally have in a classroom setting. She enjoys being able to take breaks throughout the day, take extra curricular activities classes during the day, go for walks on nice days (she was surprised on how quiet the neighborhood is during normal school/work hours!). -OA Parent

Seen Much Academic Gain

I’m so glad that we came to Hilliard’s Online Academy.  Our experience has been extremely positive and we have seen much academic gain in both of [our children]. -OA Parent 

A Sense of Belonging

Having the OA available for my first and third graders  has made our school lives not only manageable but also very enjoyable. Our children are greeted each day with a teacher who is excited to see them and is always available to help them learn and grow. Both of my kids always feel like they were being heard and seen even though it was virtual. The teachers are able to successfully bring a sense of belonging to their classrooms and helped ensure that they would not fall behind just because they were not physically present. Having a mix of full and small group zooms daily mixed in with one on ones was very helpful. We are grateful for the teachers as well as all of the staff within the Hilliard school district for providing such a wonderful opportunity. -OA Parent

Parent/Teacher "Team" Approach

Our daughter has learned to take challenges with a stronger mindset and while some days are better than others, the constant positivity from her teacher has been such an anchor throughout this school year. The parent/teacher “team” approach is strong and we have truly appreciated all the work that Hilliard Schools have put into the Online Academy!  -OA Parent

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