Frequently Asked Questions

How is Online Learning at HCS Different?

The Online Academy strives to provide the best possible experience for students by offering revolutionary courses taught through collaborative and unique learning environments.

Students will access class assignments through the Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. This LMS can be accessed from the student’s iPad or any computer. Students will watch videos, read text, listen to audio recordings, and interact with their teacher and classroom peers. They can use the system to submit their assignments and display their knowledge of the learning objectives.

May a student return to face to face instruction?

Students enrolled in the Online Academy are committing for one (1) semester for K-12 grade students.

Will there be programming for gifted students or honors/AP courses?

Honors courses will be offered in 6th-8th grades. However, 9-12 honors or AP classes will not be offered online. The Arrow Program will not be offered online. *Columbus State Community College online classes are available for those interested who meet entrance requirements.

What if a High School student wants to take electives in building like orchestra or band?

High school students may participate full-time or half-time in the Online Academy or may take courses “a la carte” while taking classes at their home school.

If you would like to participate in full time or half-time, please complete the registration form through the Online Academy website. 

If your student wants to take only one or two online courses, you do not need to fill out the registration form. Contact your student’s school counselor to schedule “a la carte” courses.

How will students interact and communicate with their teachers?

Teacher/student interaction in the Online Academy is of the utmost importance. Communication must be a two-way street to be effective. Teachers will be responsive with ongoing and structured feedback via e-mail and communication tools within Canvas. Regularly scheduled video conferencing (ex. Zoom)  will be incorporated in the K-5 Online Academy courses. Parents/guardians are encouraged to also build relationships with the teacher and be engaged in supporting their students. Teacher contact information will be available within each Canvas course.

How will students grades work?

Students will earn grades in the same way they will in the traditional classroom by mastering standards/skills. Grades will be earned through various opportunities within the online environment. Middle and high school students will earn quarter and semester grades.  Elementary students will have progress reports that directly align with the traditional classroom.

What options will there be for special education?

Students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) will be implemented in online learning.

Other than a district-provided iPad, will the district provide any other resources to support my student's learning?

The iPad will be an instrumental tool in the Online Academy. It can be used to access the virtual classroom in Canvas, has unique accessibility features to assist in the learning process, and has the capacity to leverage additional resources like apps or web-based tools. Students will be encouraged to use a list of recommended resources to assist with offline learning opportunities.

Is Online the Right Choice?

Online courses offer many benefits to students. These courses offer more flexibility than what can be found in a traditional classroom. The education that students receive in Hilliard’s online courses aligns with what they would receive in a classroom since all of our courses are designed and taught by our own high-quality Hilliard teachers. Many students experience a great deal of success with online courses. But, online courses are not the best educational fit for every student. Understanding the expectations and commitment required to be successful in an online course are important for any student and parent.

Do online students stop attending their home schools?
Flexibility is the keyword when it comes to being an online student in Hilliard. What being an online student looks like on a day to day basis varies from student to student.


At the high school level, students may take online courses as part of a full time at home online learning experience, a half-time at home online learning experience, or "a la carte" in addition to taking traditional classes at their home high schools.


For elementary and middle school students, online courses are only available as part of the full time at home online learning experience.

What types of students take online courses?
Students/families who are…

  • Looking for an alternative to the classroom environment during the COVID pandemic
  • In need of a more personalized path with flexible pacing
  • Independent, interested, and inquisitive
  • Self-motivated
  • Taking advantage of enrichment opportunities such as Zoo School, Columbus State, Mentorship, etc.
  • Dealing with physical or mental health issues and need flexibility with attendance
  • Struggling with anxiety or situational stress
  • Aspiring to be professional athletes, musicians, or artists
  • Desiring to enter the workforce early
  • Looking to supplement a full schedule and want to earn additional credits
  • Interested in learning more about a specific topic (ex: science) to be more prepared in college
  • Needing to recover credits to stay on track for graduation
  • Planning to graduate early
  • Traveling abroad

What does it take to be successful as an online student?

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