Team T-shirts

Exciting News!  We are RE-OPENING the store for Team T-Shirts if anyone wanted to order.  Team T-Shirts are available for your child to show their spirit for Station and their Team.  We will wear these periodically throughout the year–during Spirit Weeks, big events, and on Team Shirt Tuesday.  These shirts are NOT required–just a fun way to show spirit.  

The shirts all have the same design, but each team has a distinct color shirt and their team on the back.  Team colors are:

  • Team C: Red
  • Team O: Orange
  • Team U: Yellow
  • Team G: Green
  • Team A: Blue
  • Team R: Purple
  • Team S: Pink
  • Team 30: Navy

The link below leads to the online order form through Powell Prints.  Note that each shirt has an adult size and a youth size option.  Also, the final spot on the order form is an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and purchase an additional shirt for a student that may not be monetarily able to purchase a shirt.