Grades, Grades, Grades…

As our students and their families begin to check grades on Home Access Center, you will notice that grades are divided into three categories:  Preparation, Formative, and Summative.  

The Preparation category represents tasks students complete to help them practice new material.  As with all practice, students are not expected to have mastered the material.  Tasks in this category will be graded and include feedback, but the grades will carry a weight of zero and will not impact the student’s final grade.

The Formative category represents assignments and assessments that are part of the learning process and will carry a weight of 20% of the student’s final grade.  After formative assessments and assignments, students will have intentional opportunities provided for feedback and relearning.

Finally, the Summative category represents assignments, projects, and assessments that give students the opportunity to demonstrate their overall understanding and will carry a weight of 80%.  At the conclusion of summative projects or assessments, the class will be moving on to cover a new topic.  

Your child’s teachers will continue to reach out with details regarding their specific class.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to them with specific questions.

Although many scores for student work can be found in Canvas we want to remind families to use Home Access Center for the definitive source for student grades. Canvas is great for some scores and individual assignment feedback but HAC should be used for final scores and Grading Period grades. To monitor student daily classwork grades, look at the Classes tab. 

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