Fall Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser is underway!  Students have the opportunity to sell gourmet popcorn and tubs of cotton candy, made by ‘SnackAttack Made in the USA”.  Checks should be made out to Hilliard Station PTO.  Delivery of items is anticipated the week of October 30th or sooner.  

Throughout the sale, we will have several order collection dates so that students do not have to hold on to money.  The first collection date will be MONDAY during Power Up!  They do not have to turn in their orders at this time, but are welcome to!  The sale runs until October 9th.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting our PTO!  We are asking you to support us in this endeavor in order to fund all of the activities, trips, and student incentives we have in place for students at Station including the pool party, Darby Creek team trip, track and field day, team activities, lasting improvements, and teacher appreciation, to name a few. Every sale counts and all of the money raised will go directly to benefiting the students at Station.