Hilliard City Schools


Development of a Blended Learning Vision

The Curriculum, Technology, Professional Development teams, teachers and principals have been meeting throughout the spring of 2014 to develop a vision of Blended Learning. The driving question has been: What does learning look like when all teachers and students have a device and how do we strive to use them productively in our learning?

We have identified 7 Characteristics of Hilliard’s Blended Learning model.  For each characteristic, you will find the following:

  • A description of the characteristic
  • A question to allow the reader to reflect on how they could use this characteristic to improve their teaching or learning
  • A details section that gives ideas on how that characteristic might look in a learning environment or classroom
  • A list of recommended iPad/iOS apps that could be used
  • Examples of teachers using apps in their classroom, learning models in the world and other educational organizations that highlight this characteristic

View the Blended Learning Infographic


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