Hilliard City Schools

Project Description


A physical space that is inviting, safe and flexible. This environment promotes communication, collaboration, innovation, inspiration, creative exploration which encourages learning through productivity.

Reflection Question

How can I create an inviting and collaborative learning environment?

Look Fors

1. Student choice is embedded throughout the learning process. Learning may appear non-traditional with high student engagement.

2. Physical learning space is inviting and purposefully designed to promote creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

3. Environment is where experimentation and failure is encouraged. A growth mindset culture is valued and embraced.

4. Students have the flexibility to move fluidly throughout the learning environment in order to produce high quality work.


  • Flexibility of space

  • Encourages flexible student grouping

  • Encourages student engagement and active learning
  • Student voice

  • Teacher as facilitator

  • Supports collaboration

  • Efficient flow of learning
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