Step 2: Fitting Session

 Fittings will be held on Wednesday & Thursday,
January 29th and 30th 

 @ Hilliard Tharp (4681 Leap Rd.)

If you didn’t schedule an appointment, please feel free to walk in between 4:30-5:30 or 6:30-7:30 this evening, Be prepared to wait for a few if we are extra busy, but we will squeeze you in!
This is the ONLY opportunity to try an instrument here at Tharp. Otherwise you will need to make an appointment with a local rental shop before registration.

These fitting appointments are for THARP-bound students only.
Station-bound students should click here.

You only need to sign up for one 10 minute time slot for your orchestra fitting.

If your child has already decided what instrument to play, we  will use the Fitting Session to “fit” your child with an appropriately sized instrument. Every instrument is made in a variety of sizes, so whatever instrument your child chooses, we can find one to fit him or her!

If your child is still undecided as to what instrument to play, the Fitting Session is a great opportunity to try out each instrument and make a decision. Your child’s Orchestra teacher will be there to help you with any questions you have, and to talk more in depth with you about the process of renting an instrument. As soon as you are ready, you will be able to call in or order an instrument online to be delivered to your child’s school in the fall.

Band Fittings will also be taking place at Tharp during the same time – feel free to sign up for a Band Fittings & an Orchestra Fitting. If you do so, please schedule them with an extra 10 minutes between slots (for example, if your Orchestra Fitting is at 5:00pm, schedule band at 5:20pm).

The link to schedule fittings will be available soon!


Step 3: Registration