About Orchestra


Students have the opportunity to choose “elective” courses during their 6th grade year. As Orchestra is one of their elective options, students are not pulled out of any other classes to be in Orchestra. It is a part of their schedule every day for the entire school year. It is a full year-long elective.



There are 2 evening concerts throughout the school year. These are a wonderful chance for students to showcase what they have learned, and for families and friends to see student progress. All other required orchestra activities take place during the school day. Concert dates will be announced at the beginning of the school year.


Required Materials

Students are required to rent an instrument and purchase one music book to participate in orchestra, and bring a 1/2″ or 1″ binder to hold music and worksheets. All other music will be provided to students. Students are all required to have a pencil in class each day.


Home Practice

In order to fulfill their full potential on a new instrument, students will need to spend some time at home practicing assignments. Practicing is a fun and productive way to improve, and students will be given specific assignments in class, as well as the freedom to choose some things that they would like to learn.