Step 1: Parent Meeting

If you missed the parent meeting, please feel free to come in for a fitting TONIGHT (Thursday) sometime between 6:30-7:30pm!

MONDAY January 27th
Tharp Gymnasium

This meeting is for THARP-bound students only. Station-bound students should click here.

At the Parent Meeting you will learn about the Hilliard Orchestra program, the Sixth Grade Orchestra schedule, and how to go about renting a quality instrument. You will also have the chance to sign up for an Orchestra Fitting time if you have not already done so. We recommend signing up for a fitting time online ASAP if you wish to avoid waiting in line at the meeting! You you will be able to learn about BOTH BAND & ORCHESTRA during this meeting, so if your child hasn’t decided between instruments yet, this is a great way to get more information.

Step 2: Fitting Session

  • What if I cannot attend the parent meeting? Can my son/daughter still participate in the band/orchestra program?
    Yes. Please read through the information on this website, sign up for a fitting (see the “fitting’ link to the left), and contact Caitlin Bartholic (  if you have any questions
  • I have older children who have gone through the program. Do I still need to attend the parent meeting?
    As the registration process for each school is always changing, we encourage all parents to attend the meeting if possible. If you are unable to attend just keep up with events using this website.
  • We already have an instrument at home. Do we need to attend the parent meeting and/or sign up for a “fitting”?
    We strongly encourage all parents to attend the meeting if possible to get all of the information about the Hilliard Orchestra Program. We also encourage you to sign up for a “fitting”. You can use this time to make sure that your instrument is in good working condition and will be a good “fit” for your child. Fittings are also a great chance to get to know the Hilliard Orchestra Directors and ask any questions you might have.