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Adding Apps.

How to Add Apps to an iPad

Students will be responsible for managing the number of apps and content on their iPad.  If you begin to notice that you are running out of storage space on your device, it will be up to you to delete apps, music, or photos that are not needed for educational purposes.


Steps to add Apps to your iPad:
(High School Only)

  1. Tap on the App Store icon.
  2. Tap on the search box (found in the upper right corner).
  3. Type in the name of the App you want to find.
  4. Tap “Search.”
  5. Select the App you want and then tap on the button to the right of the App.
  6. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.

If you would like to purchase other Apps, you will need to add an iTunes gift card to your account.

JAMF Self Service

Adding District Supplied Apps:
(Grades K-12)

Hilliard City Schools will be providing a few paid Apps to students.  Do not purchase Notability or Explain Everything.  If you are experiencing difficulty with downloading either of these from the Self Service App Portal, please visit the Student Help Desk in your school’s Innovative Learning Center / Media Center.

  1. Tap on the Self Service App Portal icon (found on one of the pages of your home screen).
  2. Select “App Store” along the bottom of the screen.
  3. Here you will see a list of apps available to you by your grade level. This list may also contain paid apps provided by Hilliard City Schools such as Notability and/or Explain Everything.
  4. Tap “Install” to the right of one of the apps.
  5. The app will begin downloading onto your Home screen. This may take a few minutes to complete. Please be patient.
  6. Students in grades K-8 will get all their apps through the Self Service App Portal following the steps above.

Some recommended Apps for Hilliard students include:

Apps Made by Apple:

To get these apps, go to the App Store, scroll
all the way to the bottom of the store and
Click “Apps Made by Apple”

Other Apps:
  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • iMovie

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