Leftover Money in Meal Accounts

Thanks to an extension of the current USDA meal waivers, breakfast and lunch will again be free to all students during the 2021-22 school year. If parents currently have funds in their child’s Meal Account and would like to move that to the child’s General Account so they can purchase snacks or a second entrée, please call or email Lisa Wiley at the Foodservice Office lisa_wiley@hboe.org, 614-921-7493. Parents can also request to move funds from one or more children to a sibling’s account. If your child has a significant sum of money in their Meal Account, and you would prefer not to transfer to the General Account, you can request a refund instead of a transfer. Any refund must be a minimum of $20. Be sure to include the name of the child or children, the school building(s) they attend, and their student ID numbers.