K-12 Math Course of Study Preview

The Hilliard City School District is in the process of revising its K-12 Mathematics Course of Study. The District’s Math Curriculum Revision Committee has just completed the development of the K-12 Mathematics Course of Study. This Course of Study was presented to the Board of Education on Monday, January 8. The Board will be reviewing the Course of Study over the next several weeks before voting on its adoption. We invite all families and the community to preview the K-12 Mathematics Draft Course of Study and if so desire, use the Feedback Form as an opportunity to provide feedback. To view the K-12 Math Course of Study, click HERE. Please note that the Course of Study development is a part of Phase 1 which does not include Resource Adoption. Resource Alignment and Adoption will take place during the next phase of the revision cycle.

If the community seeks to understand the curriculum revision process, please refer to the following board policies as a resource.

IFD-R – Curriculum Adoption Process Guidelines

IFE – Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines