A Program for Families

The School-Age Child Care Program (SACC) was established by the Hilliard City School District in response to the need for quality, affordable care before and after school. The SACC Program provides a Child Care Solution which is a comfortable choice for families. SACC is designed to meet the child’s social, emotional and physical needs. Based upon play and social experience, the program will complement, not imitate the school day.

A Program for Children

Children attending the program are involved in a variety of activities, allowing for creative expression, socialization and community awareness. Most importantly, children are safe, comfortable and having fun.

Licensed by the Ohio Department of Education

Children’s needs are met by creating an environment that:

  • Offers children a base of warmth and security provided by caring adults in which they can grow and respect and enjoy each other;
  • Fosters autonomy; initiative and independence, cooperation and self-control, choice and the assumption of responsibility;
  • Permits freedom within set limits;
  • Encourages creativity and individual expression’
  • Provides activities that reflect and fill differing developmental needs while respecting cultural diversity.

Qualified staff will be sensitive to the needs of children and families, and will endeavor to give support and serve as resource persons. The Parent’s needs are met by offering a service that:

  • Provides the security of a safe and caring environment;
  • Offers an affordable program;
  • Supports informal daily contact and communication;
  • In addition, suggest special services as needed.

The community’s needs will be met by a program that:

  • Provides quality child care services;
  • Reflects current values and concerns;
  • Shares and builds upon existing resources;
  • Recognizes the unique and important contribution of the SACC staff.

-The School-Age Child Care Task Force 1987-