Step 4: Renting an Instrument

As soon as you have registered for Orchestra, you can pre-order your child’s rental instrument. Contact a local rental shop to reserve your instrument, and it will be delivered to your child’s sixth grade building, available for pick-up at Orientation in August!

Please rent, don’t buy an instrument!

Information on local rental shops is available at your child’s fitting session.

Most beginning students do not start on a “full size”  instrument. When you rent an instrument, it is easy to trade up to the next size as your child grows. A good rental shop will also take care of wear and tear that occurs to your child’s instrument, free of extra charges. We will have rental flyers and information available at fitting nights, and would be more than happy to answer any of your question. Please read the guidelines below for more information on renting an instrument:

Questions to Ask When Renting (PDF download)