2017-18 Officers

President – Stuart Osborne

Secretary – Rebecca Kennedy

Treasurer – Ashley VandenEynden


HCSD Preschool Program

HP had their first meeting; laying out the calendar for the year.  Current activities are Spirit Wear, Spirit nights and Fall catalog fundraiser.  There are also plans for many community service projects.  The year has started well with many new parents volunteering to chair upcoming activities.

Alton Darby

ADE is busy organizing many upcoming activities, such as Fall Mumkin Sale (sales are up from last year), Fall Tailgate (we are hoping to have participation of Bradley students), box tops, spirit wear, spirit nights and Campbell soup labels.  Teacher participation in PTO is up this year and seems to be working well.   We will have our Parent EdCamp on Wednesday night, which many are excited for the curriculum created by teachers for the parents.


This year so far we have welcomed our awesome new principal, Mr. Kevin Landon.  He was an Avery teacher and substitute principal so the kids are already familiar with him.

We watched the movie “Home” on the Avery lawn on Friday night, August 21st.

We have a Spirit Night at Pulp on Wednesday, September 16.

Our annual Walk-A-Thon, our biggest fundraiser of the year, will be held Friday, September 25 with a rain date of October 2.  This year’s theme is “Superhero Stride.”


My name is Ashley VandenEynden and I am  one of the ISPTO reps for Beacon this year. We would be happy to speak at the ISPTO meeting tonight if you haven’t found anyone else. Right now, we are knee deep in our walkathon for this year. It’s our biggest fundraiser!! I’d be happy to discuss this and any other fundraisers or activities. I have been the treasurer of Beacon for the past few years and also served as president last year. Let me know if you would like us to speak tonight.

Hoffman Trails

We will be hosting the 4th annual Cody Jewell Run on October 3rd. Scholarships are given to HS students from the Fund.

In support of the run we are hosting the 1st Annual Hoffman Harvest Festival. We sold mumkins and will have Chris Cakes, inflatables, games and fun!

We are looking forward to a great Book Fair in November.

J.W. Reason

JWR (and Horizon) have paired with Tolles to offer adult English classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening. 62 people showed up for the orientation.

JWR is piloting all day kindergarten this school year and, so far, it has gone great! The kids have settled in without any problems and the teachers report that the kids are significantly further along this year than at the same time last year. JWR will be collecting and reporting data to the district throughout the school year.

Upcoming events include our Fall Family Fun night on Thursday 9/24/15; Doughnuts with Dad on Friday 10/9/15; our walkathon on 10/14/15; an in-school Childrens Theatre production and character workshops on 10/15/15; and a tag sale at the school on Saturday 10/24/15 from 9a until 3p.


Candy Bar Fundraiser – one big fundraiser…trying something new.

Upcoming Dates: Candy Bar Sale September 14, Fall Book Fair October 12-15, Fall Conference Night October 14, Fall Social date to be announced – in November

Darby Creek Exploartion Field trips for each team in September


Back-to-school kicked off smoothly.  The students are all getting used to their lockers, schedules, and iPads.

PTO just kicked off our only fundraiser.  Instead of the usual cookie dough, students will be selling an assortment of candy bars.  Monies earned will pay for the pool party, darby creek trip, and track and field day, to name a few.

Team building days start this week with high ropes, climbing walls, and other team-building games.

Teams are also getting ready to start their annual trips to Darby Creek.


Weaver PTO had a very successful spirit wear sale during CAT days. Product was on sale at the school and then was followed up with online sales as well.

First up is a Tailgate/Pep Rally social this Friday. Because it is also the 8th grade band night at Davidson, 8th grade band students and the HS band students will be performing a few songs for the pep rally and the Weaver cheerleaders will be leading cheers. Students can purchase tickets to just this event or a combo ticket with admission to the game and a small ‘spirit item’.

PTO president is looking into a spirit themed fundraiser involving yard signs that will be placed in a yard for one day with a donation during certain spirit weeks. Just in the starting stages of this. Not sure yet on anything other than the idea being out there.


Darby PTO welcomed staff with a luncheon Friday August 21st. We welcomed Freshman with a cookie during Freshman Orientation and will resume our monthly Cookie Day tradition this Thursday. We assisted with schedule handouts the first day of school. In October we will help with the Homecoming Bonfire and coordinate the 3rd annual Homecoming Courtyard. The Courtyard is an area outside the Homecoming Dance that allows students a place to sit and talk or cool off from the dance. We are again selling pawprint earrings in Darby blue and Black for $5 a pair.

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