Davidson High School


Cheerleading (FB) Kelley Clark
Cross Country, Boy Pat Schlecht
Cross Country, Girls Nathan King
Football Jeremey Scally
Golf, Boys Brett Miller
Golf, Girls Jared Emery
Soccer, Boys Pat Billman
Soccer, Girls Heather Coonfare
Tennis, Girls Adrian Tolentino
Volleyball, Girls Zach Grennan


Basketball, Boys Tim Congrove
Basketball, Girls Matt Biedenbach
Bowling Tim Voigt
Cheerleading (BK) Kelley Clark
Cheerleading (COMP) Kelley Clark
Gymnastics, Girls Carol Eskay
Swimming & Diving Lynn Bowers
Wrestling Lee Wilson


Baseball Justin Swallie
Lacrosse, Boys David Ames
Lacrosse, Girls Chad Smock
Softball Katie Speakman
Tennis, Boys Shannon Murlin
Track, Boys Ryan Aleshire
Track, Girls Matt Beatty
Volleyball, Boys Craig Lantz

Weaver Middle School


Cheerleading FB 8th Grade- Stephanie Kozman
7th Grade- Cherie Painter
Football 8th Grade- Doug Bell
7th Grade- Patrick Baker
Tennis, Girls David Banyots
Cross Country, Boys & Girls Isabella Dawes
Golf, Boys Jim Stimmel
Volleyball, Girls 8th Grade- Liz Rundio
7th Grade- Kaylee Ewen
FLEX- Morgan Roland
Soccer, Girls Eric Plinke
Soccer, Boys Pat Puhl
Gymnastics Brian Grier


Basketball Cheer 8th Grade- Stephanie Kozman
7th Grade- Cherie Painter
Basketball, Boys 8th Grade- Travis Welch
7th Grade- Tristan Welch
Basketball, Girls 8th Grade- Liz Van Winkle
7th Grade- Jared Emery
Wrestling Kyle Barta


Baseball 8th Grade- John Klie
7th Grade- Sam Pierson
Lacrosse, Boys Patrick Schlick
Lacrosse, Girls Kelley Ross
Softball 8th Grade- Audrey Mowery
7th Grade- Tonya Curry
Tennis, Boys
Track, Boys Samuel Stille
Track, Girls Karen Lipp
Volleyball, Boys
Davidson & Weaver Wildcat
Nathan Bobek - Athletic Director | Jay Cauley - Assistant Athletic Director | Lori Bruce - Secretary

Davidson High School | 5100 Davidson Road | Hilliard, OH 43026

Phone: (614) 921-7230 | Fax: (614) 921-7231


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