High School Highlights


  • Session I – May 31 through June 10
  • Session II – June 13 through June 24
  • PE Session – May 31 through July 8


All courses are available through Canvas 


Students can take one academic course per session plus PE with a total of 2 academic courses for the summer  


Students may register for courses to recover credit for failed classes or to get ahead.  If you register for a course for first-time credit, your registration will be pending approval by your guidance counselor.  All courses are free with priority given to credit recovery.

Registration Window:

    • Register by May 27 for Session 1 and June 10 for Session 2
    • Beginning Thursday, May 26 students will receive confirmation of registration & approval if required.  

Use the online registration system to register.

Hilliard City Schools Innovative Learning Center
5323 Cemetery Road, Hilliard, OH 43026

High School Details

Students currently in grades 8-12 may enroll in the high school summer courses.

All high school courses are only offered online through Canvas.  Outside of the virtual welcome meeting, there are no required meetings.

Teachers will hold daily office hours through Zoom and are available to meet in person at the Innovative Learning Center.

Students will be expected to engage with coursework daily and should plan for 4-5 hours per day. 

See suggested pacing guide for number of lessons to complete per weekday.

Important Note:

One2One devices (iPads) will not be available for students during summer school.  Students are required to have their own daccess to a computer, iPad, or laptop as well as reliable internet.

Students taking the second half of a state tested course (Algebra 1 B, ELA2 B, Biology B, Geometry B, US History 2, US Government 2) will need to take the state end-of-course exam during the Summer test window, June 27-July 8.

    Required Meeting

    ALL students will be required to attend a virtual welcome meeting on the first day of the session.  Links for the Zoom meeting will be shared after registration is complete.

    • May 31 at 12:00 p.m. for Session 1 academic courses
    • May 31 at 1:00 p.m. for PE1 or PE2
    • June 13 at 12:00 p.m. for Session 2 academic courses


    There is no cost for the 2022 High School Summer School.


      • Students may take up to 1 academic course per session, with a total of 2 academic courses for the summer.
      • If desired, students may additionally take 1 PE course for the summer.

    Important Notes:

      • Students who do not complete any work on the first day of the session will be dropped from the course.
      • First-time credit in the core content areas require guidance counselor approval.
      • There are a limited number of available seats per class with priority given to credit recovery students.

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    Courses Offered

    *Core Content Course (first-time credit approval required) + State end-of-course exam required during Summer testing window. #Meets financial literacy does need to be added for Personal Finance and College Fundamentals.

    English 9A* 1 or 2
    English 9B* 1 or 2
    English 10A* 1 or 2
    English 10B*+ 1 or 2
    English 11A* 1 or 2
    English 11B* 1 or 2
    English 12A* 1 or 2
    English 12B* 1 or 2
    Media Awareness 1 or 2
    Speech 1 or 2
    Leadership Development 1 or 2
    Algebra 1A* 1 or 2
    Algebra 1B*+ 1 or 2
    Algebra 2A* 1 or 2
    Algebra 2B* 1 or 2
    Algebra 3A 1 or 2
    Algebra 3B 1 or 2
    Geometry A* 1 or 2
    Geometry B*+ 1 or 2
    Physical Science A * 1 or 2
    Physical Science B * 1 or 2
    Environmental Science 1 or 2
    Marine & Freshwater Ecosystems 1 or 2
    Biology A* 1 or 2
    Biology B*+ 1 or 2
    Scientific Principles of Sustainability 1 1 or 2
    Scientific Principles of Sustainability 2 1 or 2
    US History 1 1 or 2
    US History 2*+ 1 or 2
    Government 1* 1 or 2
    Government 2*+ 1 or 2
    World Studies 1* 1 or 2
    World Studies 2* 1 or 2
    Health 1 or 2
    Physical Education 1 PE Session
    Physical Education 2 PE Session
    Digital Connections (not available for incoming 9th grade students) 1 or 2
    Personal Finance# 1 or 2
    College Fundamentals# 1 or 2
    Painting/Drawing 2
    Digital Art Photography 2

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