High School Highlights


Summer school will run for a single, 4-week long session, beginning on June 4 and ending on June 27 (with the exception of online PE which requires 6 weeks of participation).


From 8:30am – 11:30am

New credit courses will be offered through the Online Academy. Participating students will access course materials remotely through Canvas.

Credit recovery and test preparation courses will be offered through APEX. Participating students will be required to attend in-person support sessions at the Britton-Norwich campus twice a week (either Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) for the entirety of the summer school session. Transportation to and from these sessions can be requested during registration.


Students can take one new credit course or up to two credit recovery courses at a time during the four-week summer session.



Students may register for courses to recover credit for previously failed classes or to get ahead by taking a new credit course. Semester courses taken for new credit are $150; students taking a course for credit recovery will not be charged. Registration opens on March 15 and will close on April 12, 2024. Any credit recovery registrations received after this date will not be eligible for transportation. 

Registration Window:

    • Register Online – Log into MyPaymentsPlus to select your course(s).


Courses Offered

Credit Recovery New Credit
English 9A/B

English 10A/B

English 11A/B

English 12A/B

Biology A/B

Physical Science A/B

Chemistry A/B

Algebra 1A/B

Geometry A/B

Algebra 2A/B

World Studies 1 and 2

US History 1 and 2

Government (single semester)

Financial Literacy


Physical Education (requires 6 weeks)


Future Ready

Personal Finance

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