Water Quality Testing for 7-Grade

student and teacher testing

Watersheds, nutrient cycles, and causes/impacts of water pollution are all part of the 7th-grade curriculum for the State of Ohio and the Hilliard City Schools.  Through a mini-grant received from the EPA, water quality testing materials, and the necessary supplies for 3 Project WET activities were purchased. Participation in these activities led to increased student understanding of these environmental concepts, as well as, increased student engagement. Working independently, students were safely able to test the pond water from Hilliard’s Latham Park using probes and disposable test strips. Several tests were performed:  dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, nitrate levels, and phosphate levels.  Thankfully, all values tested were within normal range and the pond seems to be free from nutrient runoff!  Additionally, the “Seeing Watershed” activity from Project WET was also able to be performed in a Covid-safe manner.

Having this opportunity to perform real and relevant water quality tests as well as a hands-on learning activity was a highlight for many of our science 7 students this past November!