When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

snow-ball256+One of the great things about living in Central Ohio is the changing of the seasons. We live in a region with four distinctive seasons; it is part of the beauty of our great community. From the blossoming of spring tulips, to the children swimming at the community pool, from a Friday night football game, to the musings of White Christmas, we have it all in Hilliard, Ohio. One of the realities of Ohio winters is traveling in winter weather. From a superintendent’s perspective the early morning winter decisions are not a delightful aspect of Central Ohio weather.

School delays and closing for winter weather are a reality for transportation departments and superintendents in our area. We take the responsibility for the safety of our students very seriously. In the Hilliard City School District we have multiple personnel on the roads as early as 3:15 a.m. assessing the conditions. We are in communication with city, county and regional officials as part of the decision making process. Advances in radar and weather forecasts provide us with additional tools when making decisions about the status of school. We will only close or delay school when it is a necessity; we understand that changes in school schedules create a tremendous burden for our families. Our goal is to safely transport our children to and from school so that learning can take place; to prepare our students to be Ready For Tomorrow.

We encourage parents, and our students that drive, to keep an eye on weather forecasts. There will be mornings that require a little extra time; a little more cautious driving. This is simply part of living in Central Ohio. For parents with new student drivers in the home, please know we are always willing to transport student on our school busses. Driving in winter weather is a developed skill; a slippery morning on the way to school may not be the best time to practice driving in these conditions. We are partners in keeping children safe; we are here to work with you.

Winter weather is unpredictable; our district encompasses 60 square miles and multiple municipalities. We are committed to making the best possible decision with the information we have in the early morning hours. My goal is to reach a decision about potential delays or closing by 5:30 a.m. In the meantime, we will continue to muse about building a snowman in our very own winter wonderland here in Hilliard, Ohio.