What’s He Thinking…German Course Offerings

Hilliard City Schools

children_school_study_earth_1600_clr_9039There have been many questions circulating about the future of the German program in the Hilliard City Schools. In a time of limited financial resources, we must continually evaluate each program, scheduling needs, and potential new course offerings. While the administration is considering many possibilities regarding the instruction of German in the future, we want our students and parents to know the facts about the their educational opportunities. Here is what I know at this time:

  1. No German language class is being cut for the 2014-15 School Year. We had to make some choices about offerings at the middle school level due to balancing courses; students were offered options. We will continue to offer German 1-5 for the next school year.
  2. We will continue the German program to allow for every student enrolled in German 1 in 2014-15 to continue through the program – including German 5. German will continue to be part of our program of studies through the graduating class of 2019.
  3. We will seek opportunities to shift our German courses to the ILC in a distance and/or electronic delivery model. I know this was not successful several years ago, but the technology now available and the experience of the district have created a significantly improved environment for delivery of a language course using distance-learning tools.
  4. Each year we review our curriculum offerings. We add courses and offerings that, as educational professionals, we believe will best prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow. We have added Senior Capstones – a project-based requirement that holds our seniors accountable for problem based work. We have added classes at the ILC. As we add classes, we must continue to weigh the value-added component of other courses. If we had an unlimited budget things would be different, but we must make difficult decisions if we are going to continue to move the district forward.
  5. We have considered the option of making German a “high school only” course and limiting our offerings to German 1-4. As with all aspects of the course selection process, it all comes down to potential enrollment and costs associated with maintaining quality programming.