What I’ve Learned During My First 100 Days

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdWhen I walked into the Community Forum in February 2013 I had a “Transition and Learning Plan” for my first 100 days. This crucial time sets the tone, lays the foundation and provides direction for the future. As the new leader of the Hilliard City School District, and following such a respected leader as Dale McVey, it was essential that I purposefully and efficiently carried out a well-developed strategy for my introduction to the Hilliard Schools community.

Today is officially my 100th day in this school district and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to be leading such a great system. I have spent much of this time with the exceptional individuals that comprise the Hilliard Schools community. From the incredible staff, to the supportive parents, community leaders, engaged residents and of course our energized students, Hilliard City Schools is a wonderful community because of the outstanding people. During these first 100 days I have attended athletic and music events, hosted coffee connections, attended community events, explored new communication channels and met with so many different people. Yet after all these different opportunities, the one constant that keeps rising to the surface are the great people. This truly is the “Hilliard Way” and I am grateful for that commitment.

I am passionate in my belief that effective leadership is dependent upon honest communication, shared trust and common goals. In my first 100 days I have found this same passion and dedication across the system. We will continue to explore, refine and address the challenges that lie ahead while being firm in our resolve that we have the talent, dedication and enthusiasm to rise to any situation. Through these first 100 days, I have learned that because of the people we have here at Hilliard City Schools, we are ready for tomorrow.