What Does Being Ready For Tomorrow Really Mean?

Hilliard City Schools

In his 2004 book Today Matters John Maxwell shares a story about the Tartar tribes of Central Asia. When the tribe spoke a curse against their enemy they didn’t wish for death or sickness, they stated “May you stay in one place forever.” Progress is essential for sustainable excellence; we must continually strive for improvement or we will face the consequences of inaction.
There are some who thrive on the excitement of new opportunities but many others are fearful of different routines. Regardless of our comfort level – we can’t stay in the same place forever. The world around us is changing – as are the skills required of the students we are preparing for the future.

As I become more familiar with the culture and expectations in Hilliard Schools I am keenly aware that reflection, engagement and improvement are engrained in our culture; this is the Hilliard Schools Way. I am excited about the opportunities we have to individualize and personalize instruction for our students. Our team of teachers, instructional leaders, support staff and administrators are working together to create learning opportunities for young people that will provide each student with the skills to be ready for tomorrow.

Our schools are preparing students to be productive members of a world that has yet to be discovered. Many of the jobs today’s students will one day hold do not exist today. We must provide students with a solid foundation built on specific skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. We must impart these skills while also preparing them to be reflective problem solvers and lifelong learners.  In today’s world, being Ready for Tomorrow means constantly adapting and learning today.