What Blended Learning Looks Like in Preschool

preschool students playing and in iPads

We believe that blended learning will create an environment that utilizes technology with traditional teaching methods to personalize education for all of our students. The preschool staff has taken steps this year to give their students the opportunity to rotate through different classrooms and experience different teaching styles to maximize their blended learning opportunities.

The students are using SMARTboards and iPads to work on above the line behaviors. They were shown pictures of different activities. For those pictures that were below the line, students were prompted to “Pause” and brainstorm ideas to be above the line so everyone could be safe, be kind, and be helpful. As a follow-up, students participated in a variety of hands on activities to practice the concepts of Pressing Pause, Being Kind, Being Safe and Being Helpful. Through blended learning opportunities, even our youngest students are able to master the skills they need to be Ready for their Tomorrow.