Weaver Leadership Academy Helps Feed the Homeless

Hilliard City Schools

weaverSome of the 8th grade leadership academy students hosted a ‘Penny Wars’ competition at the school last month. Under the direction of Mrs. Murlin, Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. Muzzalupo the students used the money they earned, to make a meal to serve at a food pantry. The students worked to create a budget for the items they needed to buy and cook. The students made pulled pork, pulled chicken, green beans, cornbread, mac-n-cheese and cookies. Each student came with a chaperone to serve their meal at Vineyard’s Fruit of the Vine food pantry. You can watch a short video that highlights the project.

The students learned a lot from this opportunity and did a great job! Being Ready for Tomorrow isn’t always about learning inside a classroom, it sometimes takes place in our community, outside the walls of our schools.