We “Love” It

Hilliard City Schools

kindergarten 2The Hilliard City School District recently hosted the Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) Conference at Hilliard Bradley High School. This annual conference, held this year in conjunction with our new teacher induction programming, is a great way to kick-off the new school year.

One of our keynote speakers this year was Steve Farber. Steve is an inspirational and respected speaker and author, but more importantly Steve’s message is in alignment with our mission and vision here in Hilliard Schools. For more on Steve, check out his webpage at www.stevefarber.com/about/. After listening to Steve I want to share with anyone that will listen that I absolutely love my job.

I give thanks on a daily basis that I get to do what I love each and every day. I put my head on the pillow each night knowing that joy cometh in the morning. I get out of bed before the sun rises knowing I get to follow my passion. The best part is that I’m not alone – I know that most school employees also get to follow their passion. From teachers to bus drivers, from custodians to principals, the people I work with in the Hilliard City Schools are also passionate about changing the future. We are passionate – we have a love for our work – about making sure every student is ready for tomorrow.

As an organization, the passion and love for our work takes the Hilliard City School District to a different level. The permission to commit to our passion . . . the collective will to drive our work with students through our passion for learning . . . creates a collective energy. Education today is too difficult; there are too many mandates and critics to be driven by anything but love and passion. I don’t know a single educator who entered this profession to have a class full of students excel on state assessments. I don’t know a single teacher that became a teacher to get a great evaluation on a legislatively concocted, one-size-fits-all system. Educators shape the future. Educators are the real economic development experts – they are developing the thinkers, creators and workforce of the future. Educators make a difference in the lives of children – and We Love It!