Warm, Safe, and Dry

Hilliard City Schools

Photo of Mike McDonoughThe goal of the Hilliard City Schools Operations Department is to provide a warm, safe and dry learning and working environment for all students, teachers and staff. On a day-to-day basis, our custodial, maintenance, grounds, and transportation personnel maintain:

  • 387 acres of district owned property
  • 25 buildings totaling 2,159,610 square feet
  • 86 acres of parking lots
  • 83 acres of athletic fields
  • 58 acres of playground area
  • 157 buses driving over 10,000 miles on a daily basis

As a part of our facilities maintenance plan, our Operations department closely monitors all capital assets and routinely performs planned and preventative maintenance to protect our investments.

Recent improvements through the district include:

  • Warm
    • Britton New Air Conditioning Unit $115,000
    • Four New Rooftop Air Units at Norwich and Crossing $30,000
  • Safe
    • Summer of 2016 – Davidson High School exterior lighting and light pole replacement at $98,563
    • Summer of 2016 – Scioto Darby Elementary elevator repair at $54,169
    • Summer of 2016 – purchase of 12 buses equipped with cameras and radios at $1,132,636
    • Summer of 2015 – Hilliard Davidson Phase I Parking Lot Improvement at $1,220,958
    • Summer of 2015 – Hilliard Darby Phase I Parking Lot Improvement at $637,974
  • Dry
    • Summer of 2016 – Brown Elementary roof replacement at $376,810
    • Summer of 2016 – Hoffman Trails Elementary roof replacement of $590,050
    • Summer of 2016 – Tharp Sixth Grade roof replacement $817,857
    • Summer of 2015 – Scioto Darby Elementary roof replacement at $643,115

As we continue to plan for future capital improvements throughout the district, projects related to warm, safe, and dry are at the forefront of our planning. Throughout this planning process we are continually reviewing efficiency and effectiveness to best stretch the value of our investments. An upgraded security system is a top priority with passage of Issue 58. This will include building keycard access and interior/exterior camera systems at our high schools, paving replacements and roofing replacements and repair.

In 2006 our community supported a Permanent Improvement levy that generates approximately $4.6 million dollars annually. This can only be used for repairs, improvements to facilities and grounds, and capital assets with a useful life of five years or more. This is a tremendous resource for our District, but as you can see above the cost to protect and preserve the quality of our buildings is high.