The Horizon Mileage Club

group photo of the mileage club members

Throughout the day you will see Horizon students outside for many reasons-recess, gardening, physical education class, studying, reading and walking, jogging or running on our paved trail as part of the school’s Mileage Club. Students across the grade levels spend 10-15 minutes outside and track their laps. Laps turn into miles and miles turn into small toe tokens! Students love earning these mini-feet and work hard each day to get them. Tokens are given up to 14 times from 1 mile to 60 miles!!

This club teaches our students to learn how to set goals, persevere and show grit while moving! In math classes, they use a tracking program to study charts and graphs of their mileage. Keeping students moving and learning in an authentic way helps prepare them to be ready for a healthier tomorrow.