The Best of the Best

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdThink back to your own school days. Who was your favorite teacher?

What qualities did that teacher bring to the learning environment?

More importantly, what qualities did your favorite teacher bring out in you?

When I think back to my favorite teachers, they inspired me to perform better. They often inspired me to surpass my own expectations.

I would walk through walls for my favorite teachers because they would walk through walls for me. I knew they genuinely cared for me.

My favorite teachers weren’t the easiest . . . in many ways they were the toughest. They were the toughest because they challenged me to be my best.

The best of the best push each student to grow through productive discomfort . . . they know that growth isn’t easy.

The best of the best encourage through failure and empower resilience through support.

The best teachers balance academic skills and life skills; they model character, honesty, and values.

We have hundreds of dedicated, talented, and committed educators in our district. Each student connects with different teachers . . . the professional relationships built between teachers and students are the foundation for learning.

Our teachers provide the cornerstone for growth . . . they live our values and model the behaviors that create our culture.

It doesn’t need to be national education week to thank a teacher. Teachers weave the fabric of our society. Each of us is who we are, in part, because of our teachers. Take the time to say thank you . . . both to the teachers of today and the teachers from our own personal narratives.