Thank You Hilliard Schools Family

Hilliard City Schools

As a superintendent, transitioning to a new school home can be unsettling and daunting. Not only does the transition apply to the new superintendent’s professional life, the transition is very personal as well. In addition to gaining traction and acquiring professional information about the district, the superintendent’s family is creating a new home and learning a new community.As your superintendent I am compelled to share a heartfelt “thank you” to the Hilliard Schools community. From the community interview back in February at Memorial Middle School to our Coffee Connection events I have been overwhelmed by the accepting, supportive people with whom I’ve had the opportunity to converse. It is wonderful to be warmly welcomed to our new home. My family is blessed to call Hilliard “home” and eager to be active members of our community.

Our community has tremendous partners and I am thankful that our civic and business leaders are eager to work together and collaborate about shared initiatives. From my meetings with Mayor Schonhardt to conversations with Chief Francis, from the Chamber’s Taste of Hilliard to Son Ministries Summer Lunch programs, I have learned and understood what truly makes Hilliard a great place to live, learn and raise a family. There are dozens of officials, leaders and citizens whom I’ve met and talked with about our district – at welcome events, at school functions and at the grocery store.

I am passionate about education and eager to continue the strong traditions that have made the Hilliard Schools a leader in our field. As your superintendent, I look forward to building strong, lasting relationships as we continue to prepare Hilliard Schools’ students to be ready for tomorrow. As fellow community members, our family looks forward to continuing our involvement and to continuing to build friendships in our new home.