Technology Protection Plan – Now Available for 2018-2019

Station Student Working On iPad

We encourage our families to enroll and take advantage of our district’s Technology Protection Plan (TPP) that can help protect you and your student from costly repairs to their iPad due to unforeseen damage. For only $25 per year, this agreement covers the iPad loaned to the student for the 2018-2019 school year against incidental damage or loss over $50. Accessories (charger and case) and damages valued at less than $50 are NOT covered and are the sole responsibility of the student. Coverage is 24 hours per day. The Technology Protection Plan will only cover two incidents per school year. NEGLECT IS NOT COVERED.

You can enroll now through My Payments Plus.

The Technology Protection Plan will release the parent/guardian from having to pay for loss or damage for the following reasons:

  • Damages resulting from normal use and accidents.
  • Loss or damages resulting from theft. An official copy of a police report is required.
  • Loss or damages resulting from a fire. An official fire report from the investigating authority is required.
  • Loss or damages resulting from a natural disaster.
  • Damages resulting from a power surge.
  • Damages resulting from vandalism by another individual. If found guilty, the vandal will be liable to pay for damages.

Exclusions (parent/guardian will be liable for entire replacement cost of the device):

  • Intentional damages.
  • Lying on any damage report.
  • Not carrying the iPad in a district-provided protective case.
  • Negligence (including loss from carelessness).
  • Loss or damages resulting from fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts.

Participation is totally voluntary. If a student does not participate, they will be responsible for any costs associated with repairs, loss, or damage. You can view the plan on our One2One page.